A bright mailer to introduce Donor Point Marketing to potential clients, a box full of wedding cupcakes, and a petite self-help kit on making better decisions.


Apples & Oranges

This bold package was created to announce the arrival of Donor Point Marketing to the direct mail industry and to explain its capabilities and services. The clean style of the images and bright colors in the collateral match the logo, establishing the agency’s contemporary, dynamic take on direct mail marketing.

Package1 Package2

Simon & Earl Cupcakes

Only the best, most “designy” cupcakes for my International Arts & Artists' supervisor and mentor, Simon Fong. As a wedding present for my former employer, I baked 100 cupcakes and created four unique illustrated labels to describe the cupcake recipes. Baking and packaging design are two of my greatest passions.

Cupcakes1 Cupcakes2 Cupcakes3

Decisions, Decisions

To reduce today’s comsumer’s anxiety and indecisiveness, this kit includes a daily checklist to identify motivating factors (i.e. health, money, or happiness) and a Smartphone app prototype that filters and ranks options based on those selected motivating factors and preferences. The kit also explains popular decision-making techniques with a flow chart that classifies methods by complexity and time needed. Flash cards and stickers help consumers remember, test, and record the approaches they use to help them make better decisions.

Decisions1 Decisions2 Decisions3 Decisions4 Decisions5 Decisions6 Decisions7 Decisions8 Decisions9 Decisions10 Decisions11 Decisions12 Decisions13

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